About Us

The Celiebo™ brand was born out of personal need and a strong

desire to advocate for a community of people who have been under served for many years. Celiebo™ works to raise awareness and promote diagnosis of celiac disease, a condition that affects some three million Americans, only three percent of which are properly diagnosed. Beyond the disease itself, the brand works to serve the gluten intolerant and gluten sensitive community that numbers approximately twenty-five million in the United States alone.

Tinsley Meloy, founder of Celiebo™, is a celiac and knows first hand how difficult living gluten-free can be. As she moved forward from her diagnosis in May 2009, it became apparent that dining out was not the pleasant experience it had once been, but rather an experience that produced intense anxiety.  Initially trusting restaurants that promoted gluten-free offerings, she quickly realized that their knowledge of gluten-free food was not enough. Many of these establishments were innocently serving gluten-contaminated dishes due to ignorance. As she continued to cautiously dine out, her attempt to explain to servers what she needed to dine safely was interpreted by well meaning friends and restaurant staff as "diva" behavior.

After researching the availability of a dining card that would allow her to communicate to a restaurant chef her dining needs with a emphasis on cross contamination, she found that the cards available were large, confusing and certainly not inconspicuous. It was at this point that Celiebo™ researched, designed and introduced its own dining card that is available in twelve languages. The Celiebo™ fold-over card communicates the needs of a celiac in a more discrete and successful manner and helps diners avoid unwanted attention associated with being gluten-intolerant.

While the Celiebo dining card managed to keep the attention on the dinner and off the diner, Meloy realized that an over arching problem still existed.  Restaurants needed a more specialized and focused training program to serve a celiac clientele.  The Mission: to create an educational curriculum that provides a concise and comprehensive training program to restaurants for all phases of the dining experience. The Goal: to give the gluten sensitive dining community a certification brand that can be truly trusted to offer a safe and pleasant dining experience. The Answer: Celiebo Gluten-Free Restaurant Certification™, the brand that assures proper training with accountability & annual recertification.

When she is not working from her base in New York City, Meloy travels around the country attending conferences and conventions to learn about the latest research in the field. She devotes charitable time, through Celiebo™, to raise money for celiac disease & gluten intolerance research. She is a member of The Gluten Intolerance Group, The Celiac Disease Foundation, The Celiac Sprue Association, Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network and a follower of The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, as well as the Gluten-Free Reporter for the New York Examiner and an active member of The New York Junior League. Meloy graduated with honors from Vanderbilt University where she majored in Human & Organizational Development with a focus in consulting.