Cēliebo Gluten-Free Dining Cards

  • Inform the kitchen of the hazards and specifics of cross contamination
  • Inconspicuous, reusable, and easily portable cards that take the attention off of you
  • Dine with peace of mind knowing that the kitchen will be well informed
  • 12 different languages tailored to their regional cuisines
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Inconspicuous Gluten-Free Dining Cards

 Available in 12 Different Languages!


You know how it is…

  • dining in restaurants that don’t even know what gluten is, let alone what it’s in and why you can’t have it
  • eating at the same two restaurants in town because they’re the only ones who have gluten-free menus
  • watching everyone at the table stare at you as you try to explain your diet to a server and/or manager and attempt to be clear with your complicated order
  • getting the “eye-roll” from employees when you ask exactly – and I mean exactly -  how the soup was prepared.
  • dealing with servers who don’t understand why you need a new omelette when the toast was on top of it(even when you asked for it not to be there at all in the first place)
  • believing that everyone understood what you could not eat but still getting sick from cross contamination because they used the pasta water to steam your broccoli


Finally… It’s Time to Take the Attention Off the Diner and Put it on the Dinner.