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Nogii Bars


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Nogii Bars

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Reader Comments (2)

Interesting post and no I won't unfollow you for it!

But as for Elizabeth Hasselbeck; I think it is extremely unfortunate that she has become (sort-of) the face of Celiac disease, not only because she is so divisive, but also because she plays so fast and loose with facts that she cannot be believed. Beyond a very rudimentary point, I think she hurts the cause more than helps it.

As for the bars, I think she's an opportunist, like any other reality show personality, so of course she's going to go with what is profitable for her. I'm sure that's the bottom line, so it's not surprising that she's gone against what she advocated before.

I just hope that her celebrity doesn't make others think it's OK to diminish the importance of dedicated facilities.

January 13, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterGothamTomato

@ GothamTomato Thank you for not unfollowing me! :-)

I agree on so many points. It's so difficult for me as I said in the vlog - she is reason I am diagnosed in the first place and she truly is such a kind person with such a sweet heart.

As far as the Nogii Bars go - I think that she is simply not plugged into the community enough to understand she isn't filling a niche. I think if she came out with these bars, and was super in tune with the gluten-free/ celiac community and its needs she would have been received differently.

The woman gets the worst wrap in so many areas of her life, and has done such good for me that I can't do anything other than present the cold hard facts.Unfortunately, the facts aren't really in her favor. She's got to use her platform for good by getting plugged in and getting informed! Oh, I'm so torn!

Thanks so much for the comment!

January 13, 2011 | Registered CommenterCeliebo Admin

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