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Subway Goes Gluten-Free

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Great report. I would do the Snoopy Happy Dance if Subway found a way to really, seriously go gluten free. I used to eat there all the time and really miss them.

But here are my concerns about cross-contamination: With the way their sandwich prep area is designed, they are cutting bread and making sandwiches on that cutting board counter, right in front of the ingredient bins. If you've ever been to a Subway, you know there are always crumbs in those bins, on top of the cheese, meat, veggies, etc. They would really have to completely change the way their prep areas are designed. Plus, each shop is independently owned and operated, so the commitment to avoiding cross-contamination may vary.

I'll be rooting for them, but for me, the slightest bit of gluten and I break out with DH, so I'm not sure I'd take the chance. Probably most Celiacs, who don't get that visible clue whenever they've been glutened might not have the same qualms. This may be more for those who are gluten free by fad, rather than necessity.


January 20, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterGothamTomato

I would do a Snoopy Happy Dance with Gotham Tomato if Subway found a way to really, seriously go gluten free.

We haven't been to subway in over 3 years but before we went gluten free my daughter used to take their pepperoni without bread to school with her. This really threw them off at the time. A lot of servers refused to sell us just the inside of the sandwich. This was before we knew that she had celiac, but curiously she never ate/wanted/would touch bread--including Subway bread. Even though she loved their pepperoni (or was it salami?) Anyway, I remember that although there are crumbs everywhere, they also individually wrap/preportion meats and cheeses so meats and cheeses are wrapped in a piece of wax paper, if I remember correctly. Perhaps they will just keep toppings separate so they don't have crumbs on them.

It's funny, I am 150% gluten free. I don't eat in restaurants that don't have a gluten free menu and my whole house is gluten free. But I would love to eat in subway, only because its around the corner from me and I would love to be able to go get a salad there. I was addicted to the chipolte dressing, if I remember correctly. I guess the reason it would mean so much to me is not that it is so tasty. It's just that it was something I thought I would NEVER be able to do. So it would be some kind of amazing thing if it were now possible.

I would LOVE if they pulled this one off. Thanks for the great post.

January 23, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKirstin

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