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Gluten-Free Packaging Made From...Wheat?!?!

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this is craziness! :-) I've seen another brand at my health food store - similar product - but no way - I'd never use it, no matter how "green" it is.

April 19, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterFaydra Jones

My husband has been a diagnosed Celiac Disease patient since 1998, and my daughter and I spent hours, days, weeks, months,and yes, years, to learn how to feed my husband properly. This supposed "gluten-free" packaging must be the bright idea of someone who is not familiar with "Gluten Contamination" of foods, drinks or medications. This is why restaurants that call their foods on their menu "Gluten Free" is because they have separate preparation vessels, dishes, etc, that are used ONLY for GLUTEN FREE FOODS. If these foods are touched by an item that contains gluten from Wheat, Rye, Oats, or Barley are not safe for a Celiac person to consume. Celiac Disease can damage your small intestine in a major way if you consume gluten in any fashion. There are little "hair-like" villi in the small intestine that allows your body to absorb the nutrients in your foods. A bad case without proper and continued treatment with a closely supervised diet can cause near starvation problems. Also... you hear about Celiacs who are also Lactose Intollerant??? Remember those little "villi" that I just mentioned? Gluten causes these villi to collapse. On their tips are the cells that create "Lactase", the chemical your body must have to digest any kind of dairy products. So, contaminating a person's food with a bag to carry it home in, it will contaminate their hands, the surface they set the bag on... and maybe that is the very surface you will use later to prepare this food without sanitizing the area to rid it of gluten deposited there by the bag!!! I am VERY AGAINST any kind of gluten-containing products being used to wrap, carry or store Gluten Free Foods.

A good example of a Gluten Free Menu in a restaurant is a place called Picazzo's, and they are located in several cities, including some in Arizona. They serve both "Regular" and "Gluten Free" foods... prepared in separate areas of the kitchen to avoid any gluten contamination... in fact, they take it seriously enough to invite the customer to visit the kitchen and see the cookware, dishes, etc, that are specially marked for Regular, and Gluten Free Foods. Their Gluten Free pizza, BTW, is out of this world TASTY and delicious, just like their other Gluten Free offerings on their special menu. There are factories out there, too, that have taken similar measures to avoid any Gluten Contamination. If all of these people are understanding this, I say that the New York bag maker is looking at HIS PROFIT before THE HEALTH of others!! I hope his business fails drastically.

I'll bet CSA (Celias Sprue Association) would like to know about this, if they don't already.

Be careful, my Celiac friends and neighbors. (I was even able to cur my husband's lactose intollerance by strictly following a gluten free diet... and we were having to feed him foods that could be blenderized, because his jaw was broken at the time, and it was wired shut. After two months, he did a "dairy challenge", and guess what?? He could eat ice cream, drink milk, eat cheeses, etc. He has been without any problems with Lactose intolerance for years now. Our Dr. believes his strict diet allowed some of the villi to re-grow in his small intestine. Eating Gluten Free and watching it closely is very helpful.... we certainly found it to be so.

April 23, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMarilyn Deacon

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